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Men’s National Excellence Program, An Interview with Dan Lewis

Wes Chen and Momentum Volleyball recently sat down with NEP head coach Dan Lewis to talk about the program and some of the key values that he shares with his athletes.

Dan Lewis coaching NEP athletes

After a 15-year playing career with Team Canada, Dan Lewis quickly transitioned into key coaching roles within the Canadian national team system. Dan is the head coach of the Men’s National Excellence Program (NEP), which brings together nationally identified high school athletes across Canada into a daily high performance environment. The NEP runs every year during the fall months, helping these...

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Wes Chen spent over 10 years with Canada's national teams in roles including team management, athlete pathways, and international events. Before that he was a coach with the Men's Volleyball program at Queen's University, winning a pair of OUA championships in 2010 and 2012. A sports researcher and writer, he brings readers closer to those in and behind the scenes by sharing their stories and love of volleyball.

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