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Volleyball training for kids: Teaching the fundamentals of serving

Serving sets the stage for volleyball success. It’s the first fundamental skill that can quickly score points.

Serving is not just about getting the ball over the net; it’s about serving with intent to score. This holds especially true in youth volleyball (ages 4-11), where serving and passing dominate gameplay.

I introduce young players to five different serving techniques, including static a...

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The Art of Coaching Volleyball story begins with three friends, all exceptional coaches, all lifelong students of volleyball, all possessing a strong desire to teach the game they love to anyone who shares their passion! Russ Rose, John Dunning and Terry Liskevych met in the 1970s. Terry and Russ connected first – in 1973, when Russ signed up for a volleyball class taught by Terry at George Williams College in Illinois. Terry was also the assistant coach for the school’s men’s volleyball team under head coach Jim Coleman. At the urging of both Terry and Jim, Russ joined the volleyball team and, as the saying goes, caught the bug. Long story short, Russ stuck around for the long haul. Today, as head coach of the women’s team at Penn State, he has more wins (1,299) and titles (7) than any other women’s coach in Division 1 volleyball history.

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