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Adult Volleyball @ Toronto Volleyball Centre

Location: 75 Carl Hall Rd. at The Hangar

Programs: Adult Leagues, Tournaments, Clinics & Free Play Sessions

INDIVIDUALS LOOKING TO PLAY? Follow the link below and register in the section titled ‘Adult Volleyball Players at Toronto Volleyball Centre’, and we will notify you of upcoming programs!

Adult Leagues

*Fall Hard-Court Intermediate Co-Ed 6s League*


Time: 10pm-Midnight; Round Robin 28-Minute Games, 3-4 games per night

Dates: November 17th to December 15th (5 weeks – No playoffs in Fall season)

LEAGUE FEE*: $549+HST; $150 Deposit to hold your spot – limited spaces! Registration closes November 14th!

Contact with any questions!


Time: 7pm-10pm; Round Robin 28-Minute Games *FULL*

Dates: October 27th to December 15th (8 Weeks – No playoffs in Fall season)

LEAGUE FEE*: $999+HST; $150 Deposit to hold your spot – limited spaces!

To Register:

All eTransfers can be sent to, with the password ‘Volleyball’.

Intermediate Level Description:

  • Teams should have consistent skills in serving, passing, setting and attacking
  • Teams are strongly encouraged to run either a 4:2 (2 specialized setters) or 5:1(1 specialized system)
  • Most players have played organized volleyball in school, previous adult leagues or tournaments
  • Teams should consistently have one or two blockers when the other team is attacking
  • Teams should understand the rules for back-row attacking
  • When receiving serve, teams should have a passing system (Example: W-formation, 4-person cup, 3 passers in a staggered line)
  • Teams should be playing 3 contacts, with intentional setting and spiking
  • While unforced errors do happen, teams should be capable of pass-set-spike

General League Details & Rules

  • For 3-Hour Leagues (7pm-10pm): Games are played up to 28 minutes OR up to 25 points, whichever comes first. The ‘Win by 2’ rule is in effect (if teams are tied at 24-24, one team needs to win by 2 points to end the set). If teams are finished their game with time to spare, they play a second ‘mini-set’ until the 28 minutes are completed, however only the first game score will be counted towards the league standings.
  • For 2-Hour Leagues (10pm-Midnight): Games are played up to 28 minutes OR up to 25 points, whichever comes first. The ‘Win by 2’ rule is in effect (if teams are tied at 24-24, one team needs to win by 2 points to end the set). If teams are finished their game with time to spare, they play a second ‘mini-set’ up to 15 points (hard cap, no ‘Win by 2’ rule). The second set is played until the first team gets to 15 points OR the 28 minutes are completed. The 1st set is worth 1 point, and the second set is worth 0.5 points.
  • Each team must send one person to confirm the final scores from each game.
  • Teams roster can change after the fact (add or remove players), but every roster needs the minimum 6 players at the time of registration.
  • The latest Mikasa FIVB edition indoor volleyball will be used. League balls will be provided by Momentum & Toronto Volleyball Centre.
  • There are no referees, and teams will keep their own scores
  • Due to COVID-19 safety protocols & capacity at the facility, teams can have a MAXIMUM of 10 players/team in the facility. Teams must submit a roster of at least 6 players in order to register.
  • NO spectators allowed
  • Co-Ed height net is used for Co-Ed 6s (2.35m)
  • If there is a disputed point that cannot be resolved between the two teams, the point will be re-served
  • Minimum of 2 women on the court for your team at any time
  • If a team has only 5 players at the start of the game, they can still play but will leave one position open and lose a point & their serve every time that zone rotates to serve
  • If a team cannot field the minimum 5 eligible players at the start of the game, they will be given a 5-minute grace period for their teammates to arrive and start the first set 0-10. If after 10 minutes a team cannot field 5 eligible players, the team will forfeit the match
  • While athletes are encouraged to wear the same colour as their team, uniforms or matching shirts are not mandatory
  • While this is an ADULT league, occasionally a talented youth player may wish to join a team. If so, the minimum age for any participant is 15 years old

League Volleyball Rules

  • Hand-passing/volleying the serve is allowed
  • For back row players, you must jump from behind the Attack Line if you are spiking above the height of the net
  • ALL net touches are a violation, and a point is awarded to the other team
  • If any part of your body touches or crosses the centre line, it is a violation and a point is awarded to the other team
  • Teams must follow a standard rotation (clockwise) and if a team is rotating in a player, they must enter the court in Zone 6 (middle-back)
  • Any part of the body can be used to play the ball
  • There is no Libero position allowed
  • Blocks do NOT count as a ‘touch’ in indoor volleyball, and the team still has 3 contacts to play the ball after the block

Facility Information, League Policies & COVID-19 Protocols

  • All participants must be fully vaccinated (2 doses) and show proof of vaccination & photo ID upon entry. Medical exemptions must show a valid doctor’s note & photo ID.
  • All participants must complete our Daily Health Screening Questionnaire on the day of competition, completed online through a computer or mobile device.
  • Masks must be worn when entering/exiting the facility or going to the bathroom. Masks are not mandatory when playing volleyball.
  • Washrooms are available, but there are no dressing rooms or showers
  • As of 7 days before the first league night, there will be no refunds for cancellation.
  • For cancellations requested prior to 7 days before the first league night, refunds will be issued MINUS a $50 Cancellation Fee

All payments will be made by eTransfer to


Founded in 2018, Momentum offers elite volleyball camps & clinics across Ontario. Programs are lead by professional coaches & community leaders, with professional & elite athletes also working directly with campers. Momentum combines volleyball training with elite off-court training to help build the complete high performance athlete!

We partner with local resources to provide different programs for all levels of athlete. If you want to get better and learn, we want to come to your community! Don’t see a program near you below? Contact us to bring Momentum to your town!


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  • Jr. Stream – Grades 5-8, Sr. Stream – Grades 9-12
  • Athletes of all skill levels are welcome, but may be grouped with their level throughout the week
  • ​Lead by our Technical and Community Directors, and coached by professional & elite athletes
  • On-court training in all volleyball skills
  • Off-court sessions in athlete health & nutrition
  • Leadership & athlete development work​​​

Full-Day Pro Camps: $380+HST/Athlete
Half-Day Pro Camps: $270+HST/Athlete​​​

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Momentum’s Weekend Elite & High Performance camps offer the ability for athletes to receive elite training & resources over a weekend program. Running multiple sessions throughout the year, these camps offer athletes the ability to grow and progress in different areas of their game through each program!

Our Junior Elite program aims to develop younger athletes and introduce them to the more highly-competitive levels of volleyball across the province, with insight from those that have come through Ontario system and pursued volleyball at the varsity, professional and international level.

Our Senior High Performance program is aimed for club athletes looking to push themselves to the next level, learn more about what makes the complete athlete and train like the pros do!

  • Post-Secondary & Professional athlete coaches, leading athletes through on-court and off-court activities
  • Professional coaches leading sessions, with different themes at each weekend camp
  • Strength & Conditioning/Nutrition coaches working with athletes through the weekend
  • Online resources for athletes at every camp to support their continued development
  • High performance training gear for every athlete

$250+HST/Athlete (​Saturday & Sunday program)

We aim to reach every community possible, to help growth and development for youth all across Ontario. Tell us why your town would be a great spot for a future camp location, or how you’d like to become a partner!