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Professional Recruiting

It is never too early or too late to learn about the pro leagues around the world, and if you have aspirations to play volleyball as your full-time job, the earlier the better!


Momentum is very proud to present the first ever online education course in professional volleyball! This course is being offered for FREE, and is the ultimate guide for athletes to prepare for their journey in professional volleyball. Click the link below, and let’s get you prepared to play professional volleyball!

Going Pro: Everything You Need To Know


Have More Questions?

Gone through the course and looking for more information? Have a specific question? Ready to discuss representation? Contact Michael Amoroso today and let’s get to work!

Michael Amoroso is a former professional athlete, playing three seasons in Sweden, Greece & Germany. Having worked with Joost & Lex for 9+ years through his playing career and recruiting, Michael is a scout and cooperating partner focusing on Canadian athletes. Previously, he played with Queen’s University in Canada and was also a member of Team Ontario and the Canadian Junior National Team. Currently, Michael leads Momentum Volleyball, and sits on the Board of Directors for the Ontario Volleyball Association (OVA). Michael resides in Toronto.

Foreign contracts, club negotiations around the world & international transfers are best managed with the help of an FIVB-licensed agent! See the FIVB’s Legal page regarding further information, and for a full list of licensed agents all over the world.

List of FIVB-Licensed Agents around the World: FIVB LEGAL & LICENSED AGENT LIST