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Your Regional Councils are here to make volleyball in your region better

As the new indoor season is set to begin, the Ontario Volleyball Association (OVA) thought it best to introduce to new members and remind its existing members of the localized supporting council that can be utilized in improving the game in your region.  The OVA Regional Councils were set up specifically for this reason.

Every Region under the OVA umbrella faces its own unique challenges that may differ from region to region. To better serve our members, the OVA will be leaning on these councils to be the voice of their regions in advising the OVA Board of Directors and management in our decision-making process. The OVA would like to emphasize the importance of Clubs bringing their ideas and issues to these Councils so they can bring more informed advice to our decision-making processes.

The Regional Councils are overseen by a dedicated member of the OVA Board of Directors to facilitate the flow of information. The 2023/24 Director of Regional Engagement is Danny Gosselin.

For the 2023/24 season, your OVA Regional Council Presidents are:

Region 1: Tony Curciarello

Region 2: Bryan Welsh

Region 3: Tauri Caputo

Region 4: Dwayne Cochrane

Region 5: Katie Hutchinson

Region 6: Shaun Illingworth


The benefits of the OVA’s Regional Council:

  1. Collaborative Growth: The Regional Council’s primary role is to collaborate and cooperate among different Regions to help grow the sport of volleyball in Ontario. This collaboration allows for the integration of the OVA’s strategic plan into programs and draws on the expertise within the Regions to strengthen programming.
  2. Regional Representation: Each Region is represented, ensuring that unique regional situations and environments are considered when making decisions and implementing strategies. The Council acts as an advisory body to the Ontario Volleyball Association’s Board of Directors and OVA management regarding significant regional issues. This ensures that the Board and management understand regional concerns and perspectives while also facilitating effective two-way communication.
  3. Information Exchange: Regional representation encourages and facilitates the two-way exchange of information and experiences related to volleyball programs and issues at the club and regional level. The Regional Council meets regularly with OVA management so there is a constant a flow of information between the two. This is a key element, with regular meetings, agendas, and minutes to ensure transparency and accountability. This feedback and regional perspective help aid the OVA in decision making throughout the season. The Council contributes to the OVA’s Annual Report, ensuring that its activities and achievements are documented and shared with the broader community.
  4. Policy Input: It provides input to the OVA Board on policy matters and offers insights to OVA management on operational policies, standards development, and implementation.
  5. Strategic Alignment: The Council’s purpose includes integrating the OVA’s strategic plan into clubs and Regions, ensuring that all efforts align with the association’s vision and goals.
  6. Best Practices Sharing: The Council promotes the sharing of best practices across the province, fostering continuous improvement in volleyball programs.
  7. Committee Representation: Council members may be assigned to operational or Board committees/groups and suggest suitable candidates for committee membership.
  8. Subcommittees: The establishment of subcommittees allow for a more focused approach to managing region-specific initiatives and interests. The Regional Council is also in the process of selecting members from the applicants for the Indoor Volleyball Development Council and the Regional Coaching Subcommittee to help further the collaboration for indoor volleyball competitions and coaching requirements of the OVA.  Stay tuned for an announcement on selected members.
  9. Delegated Authority: Council members appointed to other OVA committees bring a regional perspective to those committees and ensure relevant regional items are discussed.
  10. Staff Support: The Council receives administrative and financial support from the OVA to fulfill its mandate, ensuring it can operate effectively.
  11. Term Limits: The term limits for Council members prevent overlong service and promote fresh perspectives.


Overall, the Regional Council plays a crucial role in fostering collaboration, communication, and strategic alignment among different Regions to promote the growth and development of volleyball in Ontario.

To find your region and a full list of your representatives, please follow the link here.

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