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Height for players


Does Size REALLY Matter?

You can’t teach height! We look at the first week of matches in USports to determine who is the tallest team and if it relates to winning.

Does Size REALLY Matter?

I remember learning early on in my coaching days: “You can’t teach height!” As coaches trying to recruit the best athletes, the first noticeable attribute is the athlete’s height. You notice it before a player takes the court. But does height truly matter in USports volleyball? Do teams with taller rosters really have an edge that lead to more winning?

Let's take a look!

Now that all teams ...

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Parrish is the Chief Technology Officer for Momentum Volleyball. He is the Director of Business Development, Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre and the President & CEO of Make Me an Offer Inc. He currently sits on the Board of Directors for Volleyball Canada. He was the Assistant Coach at McMaster University, Head & Assistant Coach, Team Ontario, and various club teams. He played volleyball at McMaster University, professional at Middelfart VK, Denmark and on the Jamaican National Team.


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