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2024 Provincial Championships Results: Weekend #4

Red River College

14U Girls – Tier 2 Standings

Place Club / Team Name
1st WinMan Rage 13U
2nd Junior Bison 13U Gold
3rd Blazers 13U Inferno
4th Bandits 13 Hannah
5th Junior Bison 13U Brown
6th Junior Pilots 13U Navy
7th Bandits 13 Jolene
8th Junior Pilots 13U White
9th Phoenix 13U
10th Voltage

Dakota Community Centre (Winnipeg)

16U Girls – Standings

Place Club / Team Name
1st Junior Pilots Navy
2nd WinMan Attack
3rd Junior Bison Gold
4th Junior Bison Brown
5th Dynamo 16U
6th WinMan Ignite
7th Vision Elite Black
8th Bandits Derrick
9th BVC
10th Interlake Wild
11th Junior Pilots White
12th WinnCityCore
13th Kenora Lakers
14th Parkland Vipers
15th Northern Stars
16th Club West
17th Predators
18th Blizzard
19th Westman Wave
20th Bandits Ayiya
21st Wild
22nd Impact
23rd Vision Elite Blue
24th Selkirk Royals
25th Blazers Inferno

16U Girls – MVP / All-Star Awards

Award Player Club / Team
MVP Mady Friesen Junior Pilots Navy
All-Star Bella Peters Junior Pilots Navy
All-Star Kiersten Reimer Junior Pilots Navy
All-Star Ana Jankovic WinMan Attack
All-Star Macie Urban WinMan Attack
All-Star Jubilee Steppan Junior Bison Gold
All-Star Ines Berenguer Junior Bison Brown

Niverville Community Resource and Recreation Centre (Niverville)

16U Boys – Standings

Place Club / Team Name
1st 204 Gold
2nd Junior Bison
3rd WinMan Strike
4th BVC
5th Selkirk Royals
6th Junior Pilots
7th Power
8th WinMan Flight
9th 204 Cardinal 
10th 204 White
11th Aztec

16U Boys – MVP / All-Star Awards

Award Player Club / Team
MVP Colin Vermette 204 Gold
All-Star Liam Mancer 204 Gold
All-Star Carter Goetz 204 Gold
All-Star Nathan Brzak Junior Bison
All-Star Logan Neufeld Junior Bison
All-Star Elliot Smith WinMan Strike
All-Star Gabriel Beaudin BVC

University of Winnipeg (Winnipeg)

17U Boys – Standings 

Place Club / Team Name
1st BVC
2nd 204 Gold
3rd WinMan Clutch
4th Junior Bison
5th Junior Pilots
6th WinMan Force
7th 204 Cardinal
8th Offspeed Red
9th Aztec
10th Selkirk Royals
11th Offspeed Black
12th Warriors

17U Boys – MVP / All-Star Awards

Award Player Club / Team
MVP Junior Martine BVC
All-Star Ethan Baraniuk BVC
All-Star Kal-El Wilson BVC
All-Star Israel Elendu 204 Gold
All-Star Christopher Redmann 204 Gold
All-Star Kai Toney WinMan Clutch
All-Star Nathan Adam Junior Bison

Congratulations and thank you to all teams who participated at this year’s Volleyball Manitoba Provincial Championships. Good luck to those teams attending Volleyball Canada National Championships!

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