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USports Livestreams: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly – Part 1

We look at what makes the best live streams and rank each school in USPORTS.

USports Livestreams: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly – Part 1

Over the past two years working from home, and zoom meetings became the ultimate norm, transmission of live video from one device to another has become a necessity. So has our expectation for delivery of video content over the internet. Sports are now being live streamed as an alternative to traditional television, but not all live streams are created equal.

The Pros

The MLB has a partners...

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Parrish is the Chief Technology Officer for Momentum Volleyball. He is the Director of Business Development, Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre and the President & CEO of Make Me an Offer Inc. He currently sits on the Board of Directors for Volleyball Canada. He was the Assistant Coach at McMaster University, Head & Assistant Coach, Team Ontario, and various club teams. He played volleyball at McMaster University, professional at Middelfart VK, Denmark and on the Jamaican National Team.

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